Fathers Day and New Additions

Originally written Sunday 15th June 2014

Today is Fathers day… we showered Mr Williams with love and breakfasts (mostly eaten by the monsters), we then gave him presents (mostly opened by the monsters) and treats (mostly eaten by the monsters).

The best part of the day was the most amazing card from Kieran.  Proudly given to him with the declaration that he did it all himself:  “Daddy, this is a picture of you falling to your death in a giant glass of beer whilst we all watch”


So touching!

Then, the moment we had been waiting and preparing for, for what seemed like weeks! We then all bundled in the car to bring home our new arrivals! Off to Monmouth to meet Charlotte from the British Hen Trust and bring back our ex-battery chickens who we pre-named Ekek, Wakwak, Baba-Yaga and Harpy-Dave (Yep we like our mythology in this house – ok, so Baba-Yaga was not technically a bird creature but her house has chicken legs!)

hensWe were warned that they would be in a bad condition but I think we were all a little shocked. Very thin, very pale and missing, in some cases, all of their feathers.

hen1 hen2 hen3 hen4

But they learnt, and they ate, and they scratched, clucked, dug, ran, jumped, pooped, laid and flapped their way back to health…. By the end of the summer we got nearly 30 eggs a week and they went from strength to strength.


We discovered they each have their own little personalities, they love sweetcorn, fight over worms, can climb stairs, get through cat-flaps and will happily stroll around the kitchen and eat the dog food…All whilst being completely non-house-trainable and pooing everywhere with mud on their feet and joy in their hearts.

I have to admit I am not always so chirpy about chicken poo… but when I think about how they had been, my heart melts and they make me smile.  They are now very much loved and part of the family.


Jasmine has become the chicken whisperer…. following her around like the chicken pied piper and attacking the dogs like poultry ninjas…




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