Back from the beyond

Sorry it’s been a while folks!

I’ve not disappeared off the face of the earth, honest!  This year is the year of crazy planning.  My cousin got married in April, my best friend is getting married in a few weeks (we celebrated her hen do at solstice) and I am getting married/handfasted this Halloween.  I am very excited but have not yet got to the list stage so my head is completely full-to-the-brim with things that need doing… and have not yet been done!  It’s OK, at some point I will crack and pour the contents of my brain out onto several bits of paper and all will be calm once again for a little bit.

In other news, I’m writing… albeit sporadically but it’s happening.  I have decided that I’m not going to get a huge amount done this year and am not at all beating myself up about that, but every so often I just have to get things on paper else my ideas will explode (or even worse disappear)… I’m enjoying the process so I will see where that takes me.

Talking about new adventures… (seamless link there!) I’ve also decided to do more things that scare me!  I did the 700m zip line at The National Diving and Activity Center this weekend – something, which as a someone who has suffered from a lifetimes fear of heights, I never thought I would do!  I did exactly what terrified me and I am stronger for doing it!

So in that vein, I’ve been having a bit of a think about ‘my direction’ and where I’m going. Bottom line is that I’m scared!  I’m scared of insecurity, of wasting time, of taking a risk and nothing coming from it.  Worse! Taking a risk and being laughed at.  I’m scared of making the first step towards what I want in case that step is into the firing line… but if I don’t make the step then I will never know what is around the corner.

If I jump off this cliff, will there be a zip-line or a very hard landing.

So I’m determined to face the things that scare me, to do things because I want to and just to see where that takes me.  A life needs to be lived and I will do my very best to do so!