Procrastination: This season’s new apathy!

So I have a lot to do today – to be fair, I have had a lot to do for months.

At university my work strategy was to leave everything to the last possibly minute, then spend the 72 hours before the deadline without sleep and living solely on caffeine and sugar.  Worked for me then and it seems like I haven’t grown up.

In a week, I’m guest speaking at a local college on alternative spirituality.  It should be easy, just say what I think, throw in a few slides and ta-da!.  It shouldn’t be hard, I’ve done talks before, I’ve run monthly meet ups and gatherings but its Sunday morning and I seem distracted by everything around me… like a magpie with ADD.  I’ve done the slides, I know what I need to talk about but my brain is away in cloud-cuckoo-land and not in any way cooperating with me…

(But I am on my 3rd strong coffee so I am invoking 20-year-old University-Kittie in the hope that she kicks me up the bum.)

2015-02-01 12.10.35

I am also getting married in 9 months, and although this is plenty of time to get things sorted, we have been engaged for a million years and there is a lot to do organise.  We are having 2 ceremonies, a civil ceremony followed by a Pagan handfasting. At the moment in England & Wales, Pagan weddings can’t be solemnised legally so we are having one after the other (Scotland regards them as legal however so there is progress there!) So I need to finish writing the first draft of the Pagan ceremony so I can send it off to the lovely gentleman who will be officiating for feedback.  At the minute it’s in bits in my head, laptop and random bits of paper tucked into books strategically piled around the house.  Much to the despair of Mr Williams who keeps tripping over them.

We also need to think about vows on the legal one.

And invitations… (which will include the line “there will be no audience participation” – there is nothing worse than not knowing what you are getting yourself into.  I don’t want our marriage to be associated with the feeling of dread you get at a pantomime when Button’s asks for a ‘willing’ volunteer)

NB:  Don’t joke about naked weddings & goat sacrifices with work colleagues who have just completed equality and diversity training… They take you very seriously and support your right to religious decisions and practices. (I felt soooo bad! I’m vegetarian!)

Added to this, I have the slight background radiation of a collection of Earth poetry which again is in bits spread between my brain, notebooks and laptop…. along with a story which isn’t behaving in my head enough to capture it in words.

So I got up early to make a start, I’ve done my banking, listed a couple of things on ebay, paid some bills, wrote an email to my mum, played with the dogs, had a conversation with the chickens, made a cooked breakfast for Mr Williams, folded the laundry, put the dishwasher on, had another cup of coffee and settled down to work… then procrastinated by writing a blog on procrastination.

Oh well… nearly time for lunch so I should probably have a break.